Intel slim to size zero for their Mobile Metro notebook prototype


One for the fashion pack to slip into their Mulberry Bayswater, this prototype moonlighting under the name of a Mobile Metro notebook is a retch-inducing .7 inches thick and weighs in at 2.25 pounds.

Intel are claiming this prototype will be manufactured by the end of the year, and will include a magnetically attached folder available in different ‘fashion’ colours which can charge up wirelessly. One side of the folder has a screen made of a form of material which can display a picture, calendar or schedule, and adding to the wow factor, you can attach a strap and create that Bag Lady look by slinging it over your shoulder like a handbag.

Made using Intel chips, it’ll connect to the intertubes by Wi-Fi, EV-DO and WiMax with a reported battery life of 14 massive hours. Business Week are reporting that Intel told designers to spare no cost with the creation, and that it must be as thin as a Motorola Razr, obviously today’s new metric measurement tool.

Inspired by noise-cancelling headphones, the laptop includes small microphones designed to reduce background noise when using a VoIP service such as Skype. Security also plays an important part in the Mobile Metro laptop, carrying a fingerprint reader and technology allowing users to ‘kill’ a hard drive by the use of a remote control. Added to Windows Vista, it’s sure to be on the top of everyone’s lists this Christmas. But is it worth scrimping on meals for in order to afford this super-slim laptop?

Katherine Hannaford
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  • Hey if anyone has any information on this notebook it would be nice to have some information about it. Also does anyone really think that this will be available this year?

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