FLASH GAME CHALLENGE: Metro Rules of Conduct


If you’re a commuter, or if you’ve ever used the underground in London during rush hour, then you’ll be familiar with the horror of having millions of people around you, without being able to look at any of them. Instead you’re forced to stare vaguely into space down the carriage.

This game perfectly simulates that experience. Use your arrow keys to look around, look at people’s stuff for points. But don’t get caught looking! That’s a recipe for someone thinking you’re some kidy of stare-y weirdo. I got 8968 points. What’s your best score? Tell us in the comments.

Metro Rules of Conduct (via RPS)

Intel slim to size zero for their Mobile Metro notebook prototype

One for the fashion pack to slip into their Mulberry Bayswater, this prototype moonlighting under the name of a Mobile Metro notebook is a retching-inducing .7 inches thick and weighs in at 2.25 pounds. Intel are claiming this prototype will be manufactured by the end of the year, and will include a magnetically attached folder available in different ‘fashion’ colours which can charge up wirelessly. One side of the folder has a screen…