Web-starved workers head to the loo for net access

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So, where do you do your web browsing? For the majority, it’s sat at a desk. But according to a new survey of 2,000 people by T-Mobile and YouGov, many are resorting to a trip to the lavatory to get their fix.

The reason? Well, around 26% of workers are unable to get web access at work, which has led to many taking advantage of mobile on their handsets to keep in touch with websites and emails. More companies are installing strict policies on web usage for employees, with 23% of those surveyed subject to company policies that banned them from accessing social networking websites, 11% banned from using web-based email and 7% not allowed to use Google.

That’s led to a number of people using mobiles for catch-up – around 48% according to the survey. Leading social guru Jenni Trent Hughes says: “While the management of office productivity is imperative, cutting off the Internet in its entirety stops employees from using the tools that could help them work more effectively – from search engines and newswires to key industry blogs and even social networking sites, which are becoming increasingly important tools for young professionals.”

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Dave Walker
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