Mio C720t GPS system features a digital camera for image navigation

Satellite Navigation systems

mio-c720t-gps.jpgYou can always tell when we consider a product we’re writing about just a tad bit boring, as we minimise the size of the picture and shove it off to the left like so. Sadly, 450pixels-wide pictures of GPS systems just don’t work as well as iRobot ConnectRs.

Mio’s latest GPS navigation device, the C720t features a digital camera – 2-megapixels to be exact – which allow you to embed GPS coordinates into an image and help you find your way back to the location as if it were an address. Navigadget, the site where we stole this story from are kindly linking back to, claim this is the first system to feature a digital camera, however Navman has been cranking them out on their high-end systems for years now.

Live traffic updates, Bluetooth hands-free calling, text-to-speech, an image-capturing lens which can store business cards in your address book, and 2-GB of inbuilt flash memory are all impressive, and at $600, it’ll make a nice addition to your $1,000 car.

Mio (via Navigadget)

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