Navman send a couple to the centre of Europe with NavPix

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navman2.jpg 5px; float: left;”/>Those nutters over at Navman obviously weren’t content with compiling a list of the top ten places where the sat-nav system can take you for Valentine’s Day, they’ve only gone and sent a husband-and-wife team off around Europe to visit each site which claims to be ‘the centre’ of the continent. Using Navman’s NavPix technology, software which allows you to take a photo on the system, saving the geographical location and relevant information as you go, they’ll be uploading their photos to the NavPix website, (so other Navman users can download them to their own systems, and thus visit them as well), plus will be using the Navman GPS technology to direct them where to go. If you fancy doing something similar, prices start at £149.


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They’ll be visiting a field in Germany (the geographical centre of the continent), Torun in Poland (the birthplace of Copernicus), the island of Saaremaa off Estonia, and end at the Europas Parkas in Lithuania, considered by many to be the accurate centre of Europe. Along the way, they’ll be updating their blog with diary entries, video content, and of course photos, with plans to launch a coffee table book containing their photography at the end of the trip. If that’s not all, they’re also considering a documentary as well! Ruddy over-achievers, putting us to shame.

Katherine Hannaford
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