Be all ironic with Contexture's 45 cassette-tape Nano case

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There’s so much cassette-tape nostalgia floating around these days, ever since Curry’s announced they would stop selling the format. If cassette coin purses, cassette skulls or cassette-shaped MP3 players don’t float your boat, then you were probably born after 1995 perhaps these Contexture cases for your Nano will?

The Canadian design studio has created one-of-a-kind shelled out cases for your Nano, made from recycled cassette tapes. Extremely pricey at CA$45 (or is that extremely cheap?), at least you’ll be safe in the knowledge no-one will have one exactly the same as yours. That’ll be because it’s made from an old Phil Collins Face Value tape, hee!

Contexture’s 45 Nano Case
(via Core 77)

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Katherine Hannaford
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