Artificial Intelligence meets remote-control cars and lasers. Fun-and-a-half

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Watch out, for these are not your every day remote control mini cars.

For one, they’re fitted with infrared laser technology, and for the other, they’re not only remote controlled, but can be switched into Artificial Intelligence mode.

These speedy little critters are supposed to be highly manoeuvrable. The aim of the game: simply blast the opposing car ten times with the laser. It’s like LaserQuest on wheels.

Though they don’t require recharging all the time, they do take a whopping twelve AA batteries between them, with the two remote controls requiring 9-volt batteries. That aside, they’re coming in October (at least in the States) priced at $99.95.

From the web site:

The remote controls use digital proportion trim to move the cars forwards, backwards, right, and left, including clockwise and counterclockwise pivots that allow you to turn quickly and fire at your opponent. During combat, the lasers are aimed by directing the front of the car at your opponent, and the lasers can be fired without limit, while each shot causes the laser cannon to recoil. The battle ends when one of the cars is hit ten times, and at the touch of a button, an invisible shield protects the cars from lasers for five seconds. Includes a boundary to contain cars during battle.

Now I want to know what happens when you put both cars into AI mode.

Product page (via Sci-Fi Tech)

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