Video Games Live returns to London, hurrah!


vgl.jpg Keep October the 22nd clear in your diaries, London-based people, as Video Games Live is swinging our way once again.

Hosted by co-creators Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall, it’s an amazing night featuring members of the Philharmonia Orchestra playing tunes from game soundtracks such as Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Warcraft, and Halo. I went to the event last year and can recommend it to any gaming aficionado, especially if you want to get up close and personal with gaming musical giants such as Richard Jacques.

Take a look below the jump for a video a friend and I made at last year’s, where Martin Leung, aka The Blindfolded Pianist, showed off his amazing Mario soundtrack skills on the piano. See you there, October 22nd, at the Royal Festival Hall!

Video Games Live

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