US mobile survey shows parents want to track kids; youth want to track friends


mobile.pngA survey of US mobile phone users by Jupiter Research suggests that, while only three percent use mobile navigation services such as maps and turn-by-turn instructions, parents and children are two distinct groups that would like to see greater tracking technology made available – for two different reasons.

Parents of under-13s, unsurprisingly, would like to be able to track the location of their children, with 42% saying they’d be interested and willing to pay for such a service. In the US, a relatively small number of under-13s own mobile phones.

Similar services already exist – for example the i-Kids GPS child safety device.

Of mobile users aged 18 to 24, 26% said they’d be interested in a service that would show them where their friends are.

Not the biggest demographic groups, but a statistic for product manufacturers to keep in mind.


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