Mobile operators dilemma: getting "digital native" youth to pay for services

mobile.pngAccording to a recent European research report, the biggest challenge facing mobile networks is going to be engaging, retaining, and squeezing money out of the younger generation.

Though the current crop of 15-24 year-olds is incredibly tech-savvy, it appears that over one-third (37%) aren’t keen on paying for any services other than voice and SMS.

JupiterResearch found that nearly one-quarter of European 15-24s are “mobile entertainment aficionados” who use more than two new multimedia services such as live TV, music or games on their mobile phones.

US mobile survey shows parents want to track kids; youth want to track friends

mobile.pngA survey of US mobile phone users by Jupiter Research suggests that, while only three percent use mobile navigation services such as maps and turn-by-turn instructions, parents and children are two distinct groups that would like to see greater tracking technology made available – for two different reasons.

Parents of under-13s, unsurprisingly, would like to be able to track the location of their children, with 42% saying they’d be interested and willing to pay for such a service. In the US, a relatively small number of under-13s own mobile phones.