Now Wolfenstein is becoming a movie



Not put off by the legions of duff game-originated movies, Id Software has inked a deal to turn Return To Castle Wolfenstein into a big-screen blockbuster.

In charge are writer-producer team Roger Avary and Samuel Hadida, who were responsible for the recent Silent Hill film too. I guess you could read that two ways: either they’re a safe pair of hands for a game-to-film conversion, or they didn’t score a big-budget romantic comedy for their next project so are sticking with what they know.

Anyway, no news on when the film might be out and who’ll star. I’d love to see the Wolfenstein film go one further than the Doom movie and have the WHOLE film shot from a first-person-shooter viewpoint. Trust me, the Oscars judges will love it.

(via TG Daily)

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