iPhone gets Sleeve: covering from UK Wrappers


iphone_sleeve_uk_wrappers.jpgOne accessory the iPhone isn’t short of is protection. We’ve looked at a lot of iPhone accessories over at iPhonic, and a lot of them are cases.

It’s a popular choice for manufacturers, to the point that a UK company has jumped in on the act with its iPhone Sleeve.

It doesn’t really matter that Brits will be waiting another few months for the iPhone to arrive, as UK Wrappers will happily ship their £12 ($22) suede-like cover to the States.

The Sleeve is made from Alcantara, with a microfibre lining. Optional extras include pockets, bands, and having your initials printed on it. It’s certainly simple, and makes me wonder how many people are using their socks for iPhone protection as they did for their iPod.

OK, it’s a little more sophisticated than your average hiking sock. It’s been designed so that the iPhone’s speaker can still be heard, and comes in a choice of colours: Slate Black, Jubilee Red, or Otter Grey.

Product page (via WIRED)

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