Retro: PC Plus from 1986 now online

If, like me, you get slightly weepy-eyed thinking about computers from 1986, then have I got a link for you. PC Plus magazine has put up its first issue ever online for you to flick through at your leisure.

There’s discussion of Word Processors, printers reviewed and tested, and in the ads at the back is a computer with an 8MHz motherboard, monochrome monitor, serial port, and floppy drive for £400.

Most intriguingly of all, in the back is a review of a game called “Leather Goddesses of Phobos” that comes in three modes – “Tame”, “Suggestive” and “Lewd”, and is accompanied in the box by a pair of 3D glasses and a scratch and sniff card(!). The conclusion? “Should keep you busy for months”.

Go check it out and remind yourself of the days when a help section offered advice on creating batch files, and the handy hint: “One thing to avoid at all costs is typing “DEL ” at the command prompt”. Brilliant.

PC Plus (via @richardcobbett)

Top 10 handmade cases for your Nintendo DS over on Crafty Crafty

ds%20case%20montage-thumb.jpg It’s approaching Winter, which means your Nintendo DS is getting chilly and needs rugging up. What? I’m not the only one who anthropomorphicises (it’s a word!) their DS, am I? Talks to it, dresses it, hugs it, makes sexy time with it…

Obviously I’m lying about the latter part, but dressing your portable games console is pretty fun, especially when there’s so many brilliant handmade efforts floating around teh interwebs. Abi at Crafty Crafty has created a top 10 list of all the best DS cases…