Google sees sense, offers proper refund for botched Google Video service – but you still can't keep vids forever


googlevideo.jpgGoogle has had a change of heart on how it should have handled the Google Video shutdown fiasco.

In an apologetic blog post, Google says that it made a mistake with handling aggrieved Google Video members.

They’d always planned to give members at least a full refund, but, claiming they didn’t have correct addresses or the latest credit card information, were going to offer that in the form of Google Checkout credits.

Bad move.

“We should have anticipated that some users would see a Checkout credit as nothing more than an extra step of a different (and annoyingly self-serving) kind. Our bad.”

However, the sting is that these videos will still expire after six months. I suppose having a full refund, plus the Google Checkout credits, effectively means that members have returned the videos.

At least it gives hackers six months to work out how to unlock them so that they can continue to be played indefinitely. Alternatively, you could set up your video camera in front of your monitor and record them all off screen, then save them back onto your PC.

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