Google begins selling additional online storage



Google has started offering additional space to its Gmail and Picasa users, increasing storage quota from 2.8GB and 1GB respectively, and will roll out the offer to some of its other services, including Google Docs and Google Spreadsheet, in due course.

A range of plans have been introduced, from 6GB of storage for $20 per year to 250GB for $500 per year.

Ryan Aquino, a software engineer with Picasa Web Albums, said, “As someone who tests Google products daily, I know that the simplest solution is often the one that works best. In the case of online storage, whether it’s a picture, a video or an email, you should just, well, be able to store it without having to worry about whether you’ve got enough space in each particular product.”

A number of companies believe that there’s a future in offering paid online storage, though users will need to factor in the additional cost of broadband services if planning to transfer large amounts of data to and from a computer at home.

(Via PC Pro)

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