Free Online Storage, Leave your Laptop At Home

Propellerhead Top Tip

The next time you go flying you might want to think twice about taking your laptop with you, following the events of the past few weeks. If a terrorist alert licks off while you are waiting to check in there’s a good chance you laptop and all of your electronic goodies will part company and end up going into the hold, with no guarantee you’ll see them again at the other end.

Losing a laptop could be a major problem, especially if it contains a lot of personal, sensitive or irreplaceable data, and it may not be covered by your travel insurance if it’s lost of damaged, so Propellerhead says leave it behind.

If you need a laptop you can hire one at your destination; take any data or files you’ll need on a flash drive or CD, or better still, upload it to the web and then you can get at it on a borrowed or rented PC, or in an Internet café. It needn’t cost you a bean, either. There’s 25Gb of free online storage at Streamload, no hidden fees, no credit card details.

Just sign up for an account and you can send files up to 25Mb and download up to 1Gb of data a month. Looking for more PC tweaks and free software? Then head over to the archive at PCTopTips

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