Evesham introduces Freeview DTR250 – twin tuners and 250GB drive

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If you happen to be a complete nerd (like myself), you might record you favourite TV shows and films onto a HDD, then archive onto DVD for possible later viewing. The modern equivalent of hoarding piles of old videos if you like. Or if you are slightly more normal, you might just want to record then delete your shows. And that’s where the Evesham Freeview DTR250 comes in.

It’s a halfway house between a DVD/HDD recorder and a Freeview box. The DTR250 gives you access to all free-to-air digital TV channels and radio stations, but adds in a 250GB HDD to record an extensive amount of TV programmes in digital quality. Selecting shows for viewing and recording is via EPG (full 7-day) and you can watch something else whilst recording with the twin tuners. There’s also pause and rewind of live TV and a full remote control.

The DTR250 is available now for £169.99

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