BBC Olinda digital radio – DAB radio for the Facebook generation

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The BBC is planning on mixing DAB radio with social networking with the BBC Olinda digital radio.

Don’t get too excited, this is still in development right now, but details have emerged via the Schulze and Webb blog. According to that, we’re talking a wooden exterior (why not, all the others go down that route) and built-in Wi-Fi. Ok, that sounds like an internet radio, but the Wi-Fi is to appeal to the ‘Facebook generation’ – you can select a group of friends to be represented on the device, with a light coming on when one of them is online. Press a button and you can tune into the same show. This could also integrate with networking sites, showing your current listening or listening habits.

According to Schulze and Webb, this isn’t just talk – the finished product could be nine months away – or at least, offering the technology to industry under license could happen in that timescale. Although that doesn’t take into account the long BBC consultation periods. You can probably throw in another two years for that.

BBC website

Via Schulze and Webb

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