Sony's new PS3 Sixaxis controller spotted in the wild?


SW-Force_unleashed_sixaxis.jpgHaving settled its legal dispute with Immersion Corporation, it stands to reason that sometime soon, Sony will make a new version of its Sixaxis joypad, with the rumble feature restored.

Well, check out the picture in this post. Notice anything… unusual? Yep, it looks like a brand new Sixaxis, with the left analog stick and D-pad having apparently swapped places.

PSPSPS reckons it could be a bit of Photoshop silliness on LucasArts’ part (the photo appears on the publisher’s website), but the alternative explanation is that it’s the next-gen PS3 controller – presumably with the rumble. Highly speculative? Absolutely. Isn’t it fun?

(via PSPSPS)

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