PS3 launch helps Sony Pictures sell over 180,000 Blu-ray Discs in Europe


casinoroyale.jpgMore figures in the great Blu-ray v HD DVD war. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that it’s sold more than 180,000 Blu-ray Discs in Europe, with sales having increased more than 1,000% since the launch of PS3 in March.

Cynics would argue that such a huge rise must mean sales were abysmal before PS3 arrived, but as you’d expect, Sony Pictures is preferring to stress the positive side, claiming that its titles now account for more than 50% of the Blu-ray market in the UK, France and Spain.

The announcement mentions Casino Royale as one of the big titles for Sony Pictures, and I’m assuming that you can add to these 180,000 sales the 500,000 copies of the recent Bond movie that were given away to new PS3 owners – which must make it the most widely distributed Blu-ray film by far.

“The launch of the PS3 had a tremendous impact on Blu-ray software sales across the board,” says Matt Brown, executive VP, international at Sony Pictures. “Recent sales figures are a clear indication that the PS3 is seen as an entertainment device.”

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