Blu-ray loses less momentum than HD-DVD



The so-called “format war” between HD-DVD and Blu-ray looks one small step nearer its conclusion today, as Blockbuster announces it will only stock Blu-ray discs in the majority of its US branches.

The rental chain tested Blu-ray and HD-DVD in 250 stores, and found that 70 percent of high-def movie renters were plumping for discs on Blu-ray format. The ‘kids’ said this was thanks to Blu-ray having those big Sony movie smashes like Pirates of the Carribbean and Spider-Man. Stupid kids.

But while this news will have tedious HD format warriors declaring “Victory for BlueRayz!!” across the whole internet, remember that HD-DVD and Blu-ray disc sales are still a tiny fraction of the massive DVD market, so any format that ‘wins’ isn’t going to be winning very much.

It’s also worth noting that Blockbuster isn’t particularly good at spotting emerging and popular tech trends – it sells PlayStation3s.

Once you can buy a Blu-DVD dual-format player in ASDA for £79 with a free copy of Spider-Man 3 and EastEnders comes in HD down the telly aerial, then we’ll think about getting on the HD rollercoaster. Until then, we’ll just sit closer to our 15″ Albas, thanks.


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