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Ever wanted to know how to play the bassline from Song 2, or the guitar riff from Richard III? Well, if you really want to know, surely the best place to find out is from the horse’s mouth, so to speak?

Now Play It is a new video tutorials site where your favourite bands share the secrets of their big hits. So far, the likes of Blur, Supergrass, KT Tunstall, Turin Brakes and Starsailor have signed up (why no Scooch?), allowing you to goggle at Alex James or Gaz Coombes while revising for that lucrative tribute-band career.

You have to pay, mind. Each full video tutorial costs £3.99 to download, although there are also Lite tutorials that cost £1.99. They come in two formats – MP4 and WMV – and yes, the former WILL play on your iPod.

Now, can someone set up a dancing version where Beyonce explains how to do that booty-shake from the Crazy In Love video? I don’t want to learn, just watch…

Now Play It website

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