Keep safe from fire or carbon monoxide… By The Power Of Wi-Safe!


wisafe.jpgThat’s right. Experts continue to argue over whether Wi-Fi fries your brains or not, but on the bright side, wireless technology could at least protect you from a fiery / gassy death. At least, it could if you buy FireAngel’s new Wi-Safe range of products.

It includes the Remote Warning Handset, which is a small handheld device that you can carry around with you, or stick on your bedside table when sleeping. It wirelessly connects to two other gadgets: the Wi-Safe Smoke Alarm and Wi-Safe Carbon Monoxide Alarm, and wakes you up before you go-go (to heaven).

The devices use FireAngel’s own wireless communication technology rather than standard Wi-Fi. And here’s the neat thing: the handset automatically converts to an ESCAPE TORCH when removed from its holder, helping you check the cat isn’t sleeping below your window before you leap out.

The handset will cost under £30, with the smoke and carbon monoxide alerma ranging in price from £15-£35. They’re on sale now at B&Q, with other retailers coming on board later in the year.

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Stuart Dredge
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  • I invested in the WBS-616 handset and 1 of each of the WCO-628 and the WSI-601. I have to agree with Brian. It is great to see that FireAngel have given some thought to the design. They look 10 times better than the others products on the market and are so easy to use and test. Once again – Top marks out of 10!

  • I have recently purchased the FireAngel Wi-Safe remote warning handset, along with 2 WCO-628 carbon monoxide alarms and 2 of their wireless smoke alarms. They are fantastic products, less expensive than their competitors and look a million times better. It’s nice to see that they have thought about the design instead of just whacking the circuit boards into an ugly looking box. The handset is easy to learn in (link up) with the other units and overall I am chuffed to bits with them.
    10 out of 10 – Top marks!

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