Internet users still crazy for WWE wrestler Chris Benoit


benoit.jpgThe good news: WWE wrestler Chris Benoit has made his first appearance in The Lycos 50 chart of popular internet search terms. The bad news: He’s not around to enjoy it, having killed himself after seemingly murdering his wife and child. Still, silver linings, eh?

Don’t blame me: Lycos press released it. Searches on Lycos for Benoit rose by a whopping 159,300% in the last week, as news of the tragedy emerged. That said, it wasn’t enough to topple Paris Hilton – who’s only ever murdered a few pop songs – from top spot on the chart.

iPhone was the seventh biggest climber in the chart, although its search totals were outstripped by ‘Diets’, ‘Wimbledon’ and ‘Heather Mills’, proving that there are a lot of fat, one-legged tennis fans in the world. Maybe.

The Lycos 50 website

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