Lycos and Blinkx team up to provide video search


Blinkx, the online video search engine, has teamed up with Lycos to provide it with video-searching capabilities.

Blinkx contains over 5 million hours of searchable video content including clips from TV shows, news, documentaries, and music videos, and prides itself on cataloguing this content in a way that traditional search engines can’t, using speech and pattern-recognition technology.

This forms part of a move by Lycos to provide more services targeted at broadband users.

Blinkx differs from other video sites such as YouTube as it’s a search engine for content already available on the web, though it does allow users to upload their own videos via SelfCastTV.

Whether this will increase the popularity of Lycos remains to be seen. Sometimes it’s hard to remember life before Google and YouTube.

Lycos / Blinkx

Andy Merrett
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