89 metre throw clinches Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship

Mobile phones

Many is the time I’ve wanted to chuck my phone as far as possible: sometimes because of it’s ‘features’, and sometimes because the person on the other end of the phone is so darn annoying. If only I’d known about the annual Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship I could’ve put my frustrations to good effect.

I don’t think I’d have managed 89 metres, though, which was the winning throw by Finland’s Lassi Etelätalo in Savonlinna (Finland) last weekend. Eija Laakso took first place in the woman’s category with a new world record throw of 50.83m.

It’s been held since 2004 and features four categories: Juniors, Original and Team Original and Freestyle. The first three categories require an overarm throw, whilst points are awarded in the freestyle category for aesthetics.

Technique is just as important as distance, and apparently three things are needed to be a long distance phone lobber: power, technical skills and a sense of humour.

What would be your phone of choice to lob?

(Via Digital Lifestyles)

Andy Merrett
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