UK Lycos/Tripod users: you're unprofitable, get lost


There was a time when the black labrador at Lycos was a fairly common sight, but times change and the RSPCA may have to step in shortly to rescue the poor little mutt.

That is, if Lycos UK does to him what it’s doing to its email and web hosting users.

You see, it’s not very profitable running free email and web hosting services, particularly when there are much bigger (Hotmail) and better (Gmail) ones out there.

From 15th February, users with Lycos Mail or Tripod web hosting accounts will lose all of their data and no longer be able to send or receive emails. While I’ve not visited a Tripod page in about ten years, nor seen anyone in the UK with a Lycos email address for about the same period of time, a little piece of Internet history is slipping away…

Internet users still crazy for WWE wrestler Chris Benoit

benoit.jpgThe good news: WWE wrestler Chris Benoit has made his first appearance in The Lycos 50 chart of popular internet search terms. The bad news: He’s not around to enjoy it, having killed himself after apparently murdering his wife and child. Still, silver linings, eh?

Lycos Cinema launches: high speed video channel

The US version of Lycos has just launched Lycos Cinema that will allow viewers to watch and discuss movies over the internet. It's part of a re-branding exercise to turn itself into a video portal, presumably trying to rival YouTube…