Lycos Cinema launches: high speed video channel

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lycoscinema.jpgThe US version of Lycos has just launched Lycos Cinema that will allow viewers to watch and discuss movies over the internet.

It’s part of a re-branding exercise to turn itself into a video portal, presumably trying to rival YouTube along with everyone else who’s getting into online video.

Unlike YouTube, though, which has about a ten-minute limit on the length of videos, Lycos Cinema will offer feature length films. By the start of 2007, any idiot will be able to upload hours upon hours of footage of themselves lip-syncing or getting run over…

One thing that is sure to limit Lycos Cinema’s success, though, is the following message i read at their site:

To experience Lycos Cinema, you need a PC running Windows with Internet Explorer 6+, Windows Media Player 10, and Adobe Flash Player 8.

Oh great.

Andy Merrett
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