Sprint customers being dumped — actually scammers?

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According to a Consumerist interview with a Sprint employee, the customers being dumped by Sprint weren’t so much customers, as bad boyfriends. Calling up “90 times in a 6 month period was the standard”, the customers were extorting free service credit from Sprint in order to not just walk to other mobile providers. “We’re talking customers that haven’t made a payment since 2005 and still have active service.” The Sprint-er says, “We absolutely will not terminate a customer who had a reasonable claim for calling in. But the ones with the $5k credit balances… they’re going to hear us say no. It’s a harsh decision but it really makes sense to almost anyone who knows both sides of the situation.” Corporate spin, or is poor l’il ol’ Sprint being smacked around by its sugar babies? Developing. [GT]

Sprint Customers Terminated For Complaining Too Much Were Scamming Sprint For Free Service

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