Web 2.0 Startup of the Day: Recruiting Grounds

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Meet gamers just like you. Then kill them. That’s the premise behind most decent online console games. And the same is true of Recruiting Grounds. Except without the killing part. See, it’s a social networking site for gamers, fed up with MySpace’s focus on the music crowd.

It’s got blogs, polls, quizzes and screenshot galleries galore, as well as the option to create a profile for your online gaming clan, as well as yourself. The site also holds its own tournaments, while allowing users to set up their own competitions too.

It’s slick and easy to navigate around, although in the long term, I’d expect more social networking features to be built into console gaming communities like Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, which could present a big obstacle to the growth of third-party sites like this.

Recruiting Grounds website (via KillerStartups)

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Stuart Dredge
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