'The Prison Life: Paris' online game parodies Paris Hilton's misfortunes :(


parisgame.jpg She may’ve escaped jail just yesterday, but an online game has been created by the people behind Kim Jong-Il: Missile Maniac, Rosie Vs. Trump and other relevant-for-15-minute ‘classics’, GSN. Yep, The Prison Life: Paris, has hit teh internets and is proving to be a lot of fun for those sick of the celebutwat, Paris Hilton.

“Paris is in jail and the warden has assigned her to design and build license plates. Help her with her job and watch out for her little dog “Clinkerbell”, the GSN.com website boasts. The wonky-eyed one is decked out in an orange jumpsuit, heels and sunglasses, and players have to position her between levers which imprint the blank license plates rolling past on a conveyor belt. If you happen to slip up however and miss stamping one, you’ll get insulted in what would surely make the real Paris sob: “Ouch – Lindsay Lohan plays better than you!”

Still, at least it wasn’t “Ouch – Lindsay Lohan has better upskirt shots than you!”

The Prison Life: Paris (via Crave).

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Katherine Hannaford
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  • i think that she should do her time. becuase if it was some one else they would do time. she is a rich person think they can get away with something. that wrong.there nothing wrong with her.she is a spoil rich girl.if you do the crime do the time

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