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Toshiba has been busy pushing the HD DVD format, announcing its SD-L912A slim HD DVD burner, and looking highly likely to put HD DVD in all of its laptop PCs from next year. They’ve also been ramping up their giveaways – at least in the US – and have partnered with Amazon to give away seven movies with their HD-A2 player.

If you’re wanting high definition on your PC, but don’t want to splash out on a top-of-the-range powerhouse, then Broadcom’s Media PC solutions offer HD playback on lower-spec PCs and notebooks, by taking some of the strain off the CPU.

The BBC is seeking public opinion on what role it should play in the development of high definition TV in the UK, including the possibility of operating its own dedicated free-to-air HD channel.

Meanwhile, Sky Sports are continuing to expand their output, with coverage of the US Open and PGA Championship, plus The Royal International Horse Show from Hickstead, and the Poker Million VI.

Alienware introduced their Hangar18 HD-capable Entertainment Centre PC, though the omission of an HD DVD or Blu-ray drive may reduce its impact as an all-in-one high-def solution.

Sony has pushed out yet more high definition BRAVIA tellies — the W3000, XBR4, and XBR5 Series. Onkyo is about to launch a range of home cinema receivers that include HD audio support.

Meanwhile, the “other” HD disc format – HD VMD – has pushed out further globally, as it receives support from Icon Fim Distribution to roll out in Australia and New Zealand.

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