Daily Tech Hotlinks for 08-May-2007: Louis Vuitton, Google, Apple, WiTricity, Noobs

Daily Tech Hotlinks

– Louis Vuitton techs itself up by installing a whopping staircase made of plasma screens in its Via Condotti store in Rome. Be prepared for Gucci to take the LCD route…
– ZDNet discuss whether Google and Apple are any closer to striking a ‘strategic alliance’, but what we’re all wondering is when Google will simply buy Apple and make Jobs their corporate puppet, hee!
– The US has banned imports of new mobile phones made with Qualcomm semiconductors, infuriating Motorola, Samsung, Verizon Wireless, SprintNextel and AT&T.
– A team of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have invented ‘WiTricity’, technology which beams power across a room into any manner of gadgetry, rendering cables and wires redundant finally.
This 9-year-old, Victor, would pwn us all at PGR, as he’s a professional video-game circuit star complete with sponsors, PRs and a documentary in the making. Noob.

Katherine Hannaford
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