Paris Hilton's E3 blunder


At the E3 unveiling of her new videogame, Jewel Jam, Paris Hilton
managed to tell fans she was “really excited to have my new video game,
Diamondquest”. Well we didn’t really expect her to have anything to do
with its actual development process did we? Jewel Jam is mobile phone
game for teenagers and players must force as many diamonds into Paris’ skull as possible
is similar to Bejewled, Jewel Quest and other jewel related puzzlers.
Oh and you get pics of Paris (the millionairess not the city) when you
finish a level.

Thanks to IGN for the pic.

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  • I think she’s “somewhat-challenged” rather than “somewhat-challenges” — that just wouldn’t make sense, eh?

  • I turned up at the Hilton event at E3 last week just out of curiosity only to be confronted by walls of black-clad security goons barring entrance and preventing humble tech journos from doing their job of reporting on the show simply because the somewhat-challenges Ms. H was in the building. What is the world coming to? Maybe we should all make home bongo flicks?

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