Shape Memory Alloys to change future of clothing?



Shape Memory Alloys expand or contract depending on whether you superheat or supercool them, and when they return to normal temperature, they retain the changes. Philips has the hot (or cool) idea of using SMAs as the base in clothing, meaning that instead of your having to wear a shirt that bags at the underarms or is too tight around the neck, one zap would make it fit you perfectly in both places, no tailoring required. The alloys would also be recyclable in more sophisticated ways than the typical hand-me-down method, not to mention that the clothes would simply last a lot longer. Fashionistas could get a discount for swapping in their old Manolos against a spiffy new pair, and know last season’s goods would be broken down into good-cause goo. [GT]

Controllable surface area fabric (via Wired)

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