Phone and iPod integrated into Motorola/Burton jacket


Yes, it’s another piece of clothing with ideas above itself. This winter jacket, designed by Burton for Motorola, is an attempt to hide away your mobile phone and iPod whilst still giving you access to them, via an electronic pad on the sleeve.

We’ve seen plenty of this type of clothing before, marketed at different people, from snowboarders to commuters, and the reception they’ve been given (no pun intended) hasn’t been great.

This jacket’s got all the specs you’d need from – a jacket: caller ID, bluetooth, speakers in the hood (great, more teenage fun) and earphones. It’ll come in a stunning range of colours (well… black, brown or pink)

Comments on similar garments have included: "If you buy this jacket, God is telling you that you have too much money. See you in hell." and "If u buy this, you are most definitely stupid." so I’m not holding out much hope for this.

Availability in the next couple of months – no price announced yet. Anyone actually want one of these?

Andy Merrett
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