Photo messaging increases with camera phone popularity

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A new report from M:Metrics shows that camera phone ownership and usage is increasing in both the US and Europe.

In the UK, photo messaging has increased by 16% since February. The report also shows that people with higher quality cameras in their phones are more likely to send their photos via messaging (51.8%) than those with VGA (28%) or lower quality (22.3%) resolutions.

The most popular camera phone in the UK is currently the RAZR, however the most common phone for actually sending picture messages is the Nokia 6111.

I’m not sure if there’s much significance to the most used model to send picture messages.

What seems to be the case is that those taking better quality photos (well, potentially) are happier to send them to others. It may also be that those with higher quality phones also have calling plans with a higher quota of free picture messaging, but we can’t tell from these stats.

Often the way I’ve seen people using their phones is to take photos and
then show them directly to other people by passing the phone around,
rather than sending them. Certainly cheaper and more sociable, though
probably not what the operators hoped for.

The survey also pushed us some general figures about mobile usage in the UK.

  • Sent Text Message (84.7%)
  • Used Photo Messaging (29.7%)
  • Browsed News and Information (15.0%)
  • Used Personal E-Mail (6.6%)
  • Purchased Ringtone (5.7%)
  • Downloaded Mobile Game (4.3%)
  • Used Mobile Instant Messenger (4.1%)
  • Used Work E-Mail (3.2%)
  • Purchased Wallpaper or Screensaver (2.2%)

Text messaging is still king but photo messaging is more rapidly increasing its share.

Andy Merrett
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