Kyono adds to iPod clothing frenzy

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The iPod is a tiny thing, designed to fit neatly into a pocket. Which does beg the question as to why so many companies, even respected ones like Levi’s, are making so much effort to integrate cables and wires into their garments to create "iPod clothing". The latest of these is Kyono, which has introduced the BlackCoat Work.

The garment is one of four items to be introduced by Kyono for spring 2006. The BlackCoat Work is a lightweight jacket made from water resistant stretch cotton. As with similar MP3-player jackets already on the market, the user hooks the iPod up to the jacket and controls the play, pause and volume controls from the sleeve.

You can pick up a BlackCoat Work from  March 2006 for around $179.No news on a UK release as yet, so it might be as well to use the iPod device already integrated in your coat – the pocket.

Via Gizmag

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