Price put on Daft Punk's robotic heads


daft_punk.JPGThe maker of the band’s LED robot helmets are putting them up for sale – with fans asked to pay $65,000 and seek permission from the band first. You’d have to be one hell of a fan.

Costume creators LED Effects have clearly got a bit fed up with people asking for them, so have stuck up an online guide (PDF WARNING) to the lengthy and expensive processes involved in making one.

LED Effects point out that “Daft Punk owns the copyright and concept rights to the helmets, so there may be additional licensing fees to pay” plus they’re so hard to make they will take a year once you’ve managed to track down Daft Punk’s mobile numbers.

Basically, they don’t expect anyone to take them up on the offer of a handmade Daft Punk helmet for $65k. But the offer’s there if you’re rich and didn’t stop liking Daft Punk after their awful Human After All album.

The musical tastes of Tech Digest may not correlate with your own musical tastes.

Via (Engadget)

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