AIBO does Daft Punk competition


No Sony press conference is complete without a dancing robot whether it be digital dog AIBO, or his new upright chum QRIO. Now the company is offering punters the chance to show how clever their robotic canine chum is through a dancing AIBO competition. All users need do is to program their dog to make a few choice moves and film it strutting its stuff  to Technologic the latest single from French techno-funksters Daft Punk. They then upload their footage to the mîcrosite, and in a few weeks time the owners of the doggie with the smartest moves wins an all expenses paid trip to Japan.

Sony says that by harnessing ‘easy-to-use programming tools, owners are able to create an impressive dance routine for their AIBO’s, in time with the Technologic beat.’ Should be easy then. The competition ends on June 12th.

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