Philips launches SPD5130 one terabyte external hard drive

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Struggling for to store all those photos, videos and music files? Philips might have the solution, with the launch of the SPD5130 external hard drive, packing in one terabyte of storage.

The new drive features an ultra-fast eSATA interface that is six times quicker than USB 2.0 and a small footprint, due to it beings a single-disk unit, as opposed to the double-drive devices usually seen with this capacity. There’s also a 32MB buffer for reliable transfer, an extra thick shell for quietness and a suspension system that protects from knocks.

One terabyte, if you’re not sure, should store around one million photos, 250,000 songs or six weeks of uncompressed video. It will be available to buy in Europe and the US in May, priced at the equivalent of 449 Euros.

Philips website

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  • A million photos? Sure, as long as your photos are 1 meg each. I guess the hard-drive industry haven’t noticed that the digital camera industry is putting out newfangled toys with more than 3 megapixels now. My camera spits out JPEGs of 3-4 megs.

  • Woah. Slow your roll and check your math there, slick.

    Assuming you’re talking standard definition (NTSC, 720×486, 29.97 fps) 1 TB will hold about 9.7 hours of uncompressed video and about 81 hours of DV format digital video.

    A 1 TB drive will hold over 10 weeks of uncompressed CD quality audio (Stereo, 16 bit, 44.1 kHz) 72 days, 19 hours and 12 minutes in fact.

    ‘Course what are the odds that a drive marketed as “1 Terrabyte” will actually format out to the full 1024 GB?


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