P2P file sharing now includes voting

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Thanks to MP3 Rocket, a tweaked version of the Limewire P2P piracy solution.

Version 5.0 of MP3 Rocket lets users vote on which song they like the most, a move that’s bound to have American copyright protector the RIAA ceasing all actions and embracing file sharing.

“When people can vote online for what they want the world will change,” says very enthusiastic MP3 Rocket customer support manager Paschal Rousseau.

Paschal then goes on to add, slightly bewilderingly, that “digital freedom is a shot that has already been heard around the world. Distributed computing should be a basic right of all mankind. In my opinion, file sharing is a freedom that is here to stay, a freedom that no bureaucrat will ever be able to stuff back into the bottle.”

Sadly, MP3 Rocket’s a bit rubbish as you have to pay to use it. Which isn’t really what internet file sharing’s about, is it?

MP3 Rocket

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One thought on “P2P file sharing now includes voting

  • Author, you are incorrect, you can download MP3Rocket for free on I found it on Download.com and Tucows.com if you do a Google search on MP3 Rocket you find a lot of other free sources.


    MP3Rocket is a great free P2P client. You should really download a copy and check it out. The new voting feature has merit. I and may other agree with Paschal’s views on file sharing.


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