Improve your stargazing skillz with mySky


mysky.jpgAmateur astronomy isn’t as popular as it used to be. I blame Sir Patrick Moore. There’s nothing more guaranteed to turn The Kids off stargazing than a grumpy old right-wing bloke with a monocle. The BBC should sack him from The Sky At Night, get Alex James out of Blur in, and do more stuff about aliens. That’d sort it.

That said, mySky may well appeal to younger generations of spacewatchers. It’s a gun-shaped “handheld interactive guide to the universe”, which means you point it at the night sky, and it tells you what celestial objects you’re looking at, and gives you a multimedia presentation about them.

You can even hook it up to a proper telescope if you have one. At £299, mySky isn’t cheap, but if you spend your nights gazing upwards at the final frontier, it could be worth a look. Your kids will still prefer their DS, mind.

mySky product page

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