Forward-thinking Estonia engaging the youths by allowing voting by TXT MSG

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The modernist regime of Estonia is EMBRACING the inexorable decline of future society and the eventual eradication of all vowels by allowing its citizens to vote via TXT MSG in the country’s 2011 general election.

It’s not quite as easy as simply texting in your choice of leader and an emoticon, though – all would-be text voters will need a special security-enabled SIM card to validate their identity and ensure there’s no funny business…

UK government not making democracy easy or fun – no "e-voting" for the UK


If you want to exercise your demographic right to say you’d rather have a blue politician representing you than a red one, you’re going to have to carry on with the tiresome old ‘ticking boxes with a pen’ system – there will be no “e-voting” for the likes of us any time soon.

Michael Wills, the minister for justice, told parliament that “The Government does not plan to introduce e-voting for the 2009 European or local elections,” meaning it’s off to the local primary school with your little postcard of power…

Babelgum Online Film Festival open for public voting


Interactive web TV portal Babelgum has released over one thousand international film entries to public voting. These professionally produced short films are now available for anyone with a broadband connection to view and vote upon.

A shortlist will be created from the most popular user-voted films, which will go on to be judged by director Spike Lee and a professional panel.