Hoarding old mobile phones slows EU recycle drive

Mobile phones


The EU wants to recycle 45% of old mobiles — a tough target, because people tend to throw their old mobiles in the back of drawers and leave them there. Even the president of the the European Battery Recycling Association admitted he still has his first mobile phone. “It is in a drawer, and every three years I change, I put it in and I keep the old accumulators,” EBRA President Bertrand Schutz said. “Forty-five percent is challenging.” Oxfam notes that fewer than 5% of retired mobiles in the UK will be recycled — but if you’ve got one (or several) that you want to get rid of, you can either send them via freepost to the Oxfam Bring Bring Scheme or drop them off at any Oxfam store. [GT]

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Gabrielle Taylor
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