Freitag's Fi-Pod – the iPod case made from recycled tarpaulin

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Completely unintentionally, I seem to be having something of an environmental day. First up was the Indigo wind-up lamp, now there’s the Fi-Pod from Freitag – a protective case for your iPod made from recycled truck tarpaulin.

Having an iPod case from something recycled has got to be a good thing – whether an old tarpaulin is the style statement you’re after is something for you to decide. For me, the Fi-Pod (or F23 as it’s more formally known) isn’t a bad looker. Available for all sizes of iPod and the nano, it doesn’t have button access, but the ultra-tough material should keep your player both scratch-free and dry. Colours apparently vary, dependent on the tarpaulin they happen to have at their disposal!

They’re available online and priced at 32 Euros.

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One thought on “Freitag's Fi-Pod – the iPod case made from recycled tarpaulin

  • Whoa! That’s kind of pricey for a piece of recycled iPod case. And, I begin to question about its durability. Not all tarps are sturdy enough.

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