Freeplay Energy launches Indigo – the self-sufficient LED lantern


Freeplay Energy has launched the Indigo LED lantern, which it describes as "the ultimate self sustainable reading light, table lantern and flashlight" – and something worth a look if you’ve a camping holiday planned.
Available in a silver or green finish, the Indigo lamp uses Freeplay’s three-way charging system – operating off a charger, rechargeable battery, or if you want to do your bit for the environment, by simply winding it up. The Indigo will deliver an hour of white light per 60 second wind or up to two hours of light on the lowest setting (night light).  The LED charge level indicator displays the optimal winding speed and the lantern is fitted with a dimmer switch, to adjust its brightness from maximum strength to a night light. Fully charged, the Indigo will provide up to 2.5 hours of continuous ultra bright light and 70 hours of night light.

On the shelves this month (September 2006), it’s priced at £34.99

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Dave Walker
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