Half of Brits regularly use online dating sites claims survey


Use an online dating site? You’re not alone if a new survey is to be believed – over half of us in the UK have registered at two dating websites, while 83 per cent of people have been on a dating site at some point.

And while it’s hard to take the results of a 3,000-people survey undertaken by an actual dating site as cast iron fact, the research does suggest it works – with a third of those registering finding a long-term relationship and a quarter still going strong. And just to throw in a happy ending, six per cent got married.

Why? Well, the same old stories – not enough time to get out and socialise and shyness being the main reasons. A spokesman for Topdates, who undertook the survey, said: “Internet dating is becoming more and more popular in our fast moving world but it’s a sad state of affairs when people say they are too busy to go out and socialising. However, it can be a great way to meet people online and you can search for people who are into similar things to you or who live nearby.”

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