Ethical dating site boasts one-millionth member

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makefriendsonline.jpgThe UK-based dating and friendship site,, has boasted its one-millionth member, having had membership growth of 40% in the past year.

The site was launched in 2000 by two school friends hoping to meet new people, and has an ethical stance that its founders believe set it apart from other online dating sites.

Founders Martin Bysh and Marcus Hamilton insist that their community exists for people to make friends, not to wreck marriages. To that end, MakeFriendsOnline removes and excludes users who attempt to use the site to cheat on a partner, with an average of 250 users being removed from the site each month, and voluntary refunds being made of over £300,000 since the site was launched.

The site includes chat rooms, message boards, private messaging, the Dating Doctor and Agony Aunt sections.

MakeFriendsOnline makes its money from a monthly membership subscription, but to cater to those who can’t afford this, they’ve also recently launched, supported entirely by advertising.

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Andy Merrett
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