Men enthusiastic about webcam dating: women turned off, survey suggests


webcam_heart.jpgThe dating and friendship web site has discovered that only men are really interested in video chat via a webcam.

When the site asked its members if they’d like a Video Chat option, 75% of men were eager to try it out, while only 44% of women liked the idea.

There are fairly obvious reasons for this, surely.

The “relationships” reasoning is that men are attracted visually, while women are attracted cerebrally, and so naturally men are more drawn to communicating visually with prospective mates.

The other reasoning is the rather seedy image that’s conjured up all too easily – lots of relationally-challenged, hormonal single guys sitting in front of their computers waiting to perv over the opposite sex.

If this survey is anything to go by, they’ll be disappointed.

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Andy Merrett
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